About us

We have envisioned Businesses Inc. as the place-to-go for expert consultancy regardless of the size of your business

With the perfect blend of expertise and know-how, up-to-date practices and a real-life peak onto what the business landscape actually consists of nowadays, we are ready to rocket-speed your success with a customized go-to-market strategy.

Our experienced team of consultants has so far assisted an impressive range of companies to predict, respond to, embrace or even dictate a market change before it becomes the rule in the industry. We make it our goal to support your business with a visionary approach and a long-term commitment to helping you adjust your strategy to the latest upgrades in regulations.

Businesses Inc. provides full-featured assistance backed up by a vast knowledge in order for you to reach top results. We chase quality and bullet-proof strategies targeted for success. Businesses Inc. experts have fostered a brand culture of client-focused strategy as a novel step towards an enhanced experience of B2B communication and collaboration.

What we do is take the hassle of extra-workload off your business agenda and daily administrative tasks, enabling you to shift focus and even budget segments resulting from cost savings onto your goals.


We are driven by a commitment to help, challenge and encourage the genuine brain-pickers behind the wheels of any company to think outside the box. The ultimate challenge is to adjust their market sightings not only to how their industry looks – but to how their own business stands out within that industry. Quality is a brand value that we imprint on everything we build.


We are motivated by a documented, dependable and dynamic innovation process that challenges our clients to fluently speak the language of intelligent business. Through flawlessly customized consultancy, Businesses Inc. delivers to businesses everywhere better strategy integration and measurable results. We help our clients reach their full business potential.


Businesses Inc. have developed a full-featured and well-rounded expertise centred on the main departments which grease the wheels of any business: legal, financial, corporate administration, and strategic consultancy. We are committed to be in line with ever-changing regulations happening in today’s competitive business sector.


Tailored services to your needs

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  • A common practice nowadays for start-ups, midsize enterprises, and even large corporations, is to outsource daily administrative tasks or entire workflow processes which will allow them to focus on their main activities. With the advent of the digital and the growth of the online landscape, different kinds of markets display emergent needs to adjust to new trends. Businesses Inc. provides a tailored solution for the growing demand that companies require: to remain proactive and up to speed with change. By providing our services and handling time-consuming tasks for its clients, Businesses Inc. builds up new grounds for them to focus on core competence and generating income and to stay ahead of the game.

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