April 10, 2016

About us

Businesses Inc. – Tailored services to your needs

We are Business Inc., your partners in reaching out those KPIs that may seem outstretched at this moment. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have gained their knowledge and expertise and have the insights and skills to help you focus on your key projects. Businesses Inc. assist businesses navigate through the changes in regards of rules, external policies and regulations, by staying current with ever changing market developments.

By providing an ongoing analysis on our client’s business set-up, Businesses Inc. helps its clients to stay abreast with the latest requirements and needs that a modern-day corporation faces. Businesses Inc. is the product of our mission: delivering a versatile and sustained approach to innovation and progressive software development.

The future of the business environment is constantly shaped by the advent of the digital. With new challenges emerging in the industry, your C-level executives should definitely focus on outlining a strategy that stays up to speed with market trends. The standalone goal is clear: performance.

Our vision is to create a well-managed, clear and hassle-free business environment in which we are the main assistants to your business. We add value to the in-house resources of companies looking for third party consultancy or outsourcing workflow processes. Our complete support and comprehensive knowledge are set to help our clients reach top results. Quality is a brand value that we imprint on everything we build – for our clients and ourselves as well.

Our mission is to create strong business partnerships with our clients and to help them reach their goals. We take a long-term view in all our relationships and have a hands-on take on our client’s requirements brief. Businesses Inc. provides results to its clients through a well-managed, clear and hassle-free business environment.

Our path is deriving from our client’s business path towards success. Businesses Inc. gathers under one roof expertise for the main departments of a business: legal, financial, corporate administration, and strategic consultancy. We work in an exclusive B2B work frame, so our experts stay ahead of market trends by relentlessly seeking innovation, networking and fostering an engaging and interactive community of creative minds. Our team will help your company navigate through market changes without affecting your business’ orientation.

We run parts of our clients’ operations on their behalf which allow them to focus on their main activities. Besides that, our clients have many other benefits from outsourcing their corporate services, such as:

  • Cost efficiency

Businesses Inc. saves you the cost of hiring in-house professionals who require specialty in different fields. With Businesses Inc. you will have dedicated experts and all these services in one central corporate services company while paying only for the services that are actually being used.

  • Business efficiency

Handling corporate services distracts the business from its main activity. Having these services managed by Businesses Inc. allows our clients to focus on core competence and on generating income.