April 10, 2016


With a varied portfolio of consultancy services, Businesses Inc. is ready to jump in and provide assistance in different areas of your business.
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Businesses Inc. provides full compliance services that effectively supports all business areas, helping you to confirm relevancy with binding laws and regulations in your country. We identify the risks and advise you how to prevent it while resolving compliance difficulties as they occur. Legislation and governments are very dynamic when it comes to changing operational rules in order to build, maintain or expand on business environments and our company has the experts who can help businesses going through all these changes.

This department advises Businesses Inc. clients upon request with regards to rules, external policies and regulations, Anti Money Laundering (AML), technical compliance for gambling jurisdictions, internal policies, internal structures, licensing regulations, jurisdiction rules, banking operations, and other.

In a world full of business opportunities companies are looking to develop and make new connections. Businesses Inc. is always seeking better ways to help its clients solve their legal disputes and harness on opportunities to grow and protect their businesses. Failure to comply with regulations can threaten or limit the ability to operate your businesses all together.

Businesses Inc. can advise you in regards to legal strategy, legal research, drafting, negotiating, and reviewing of legal documents and can assist you in identifying and complying with different regulations.

We provide to our clients also trustee and escrow services, including ESOP planning & management.

Businesses Inc. offers to its clients bookkeeping and payments services, as dealing with daily invoices and payment processes can be overwhelming for many companies. Businesses Inc. ensures that financial data is correct, up-to-date and comprehensive, assuring available funds per payment method, and a timely payments settlement. Our experts can manage all the financial services required including tailored made reports and analysis for your specific needs, such as monitoring expenses and revenue, financial analysis, budgeting, cash flow management, and much more.

The main responsibility of this department is ensuring the compliance of legal documents with internal structures, as advised by the client, ensuring communication with banks and handling banking operations from a corporate perspective, like opening of bank accounts. We ensure that corporate obligations, communication with corporate agents/nominees and any additional tasks that may appear are upheld, only if relevant to this department. Our services also extend to act as company secretaries. We can handle all the paper work regarding the set-up of the business such as keeping company records, shareholder and directors decisions, KYC, and more.